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Vi0let_TeAr's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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ooooooo babbbbbbyyyyyyy thas what i liiiike [18 Aug 2003|02:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

wow...i don't even know where to start, or how to even describe how the past 4 weeks have gone. It all happened so quickly, too quickly actually...But you know what they say, "time flies when you're having a lotsa losta fun" haha...Anyway Portugal was fucking amazing, and so were the people i spent most of my time with...It seriously couldn't have been any better, it was all, if not more than i expected it to be. I got to see a lot of familiar faces i hadn't seen in three years(my portuguese peoples), and one would think that things would be a little strange after such a long period of time, but that has never been or will never be the case. I also meet new people that will remain lifelong friends, everything clicked and fit into place, it was that easy..people like that are very hard and to come by now a days, but im glad i meet a whole group of them while i was there =] There is nothing like chilling on the beach until 9 and just hanging out and talking while the sun sets right in front of your eyes, just amazing...The night life there was amazing, coming home eating showering then leaving as soon as we can to start as early as possible...Baleal cocktail, bar da ilha, bruno's bar, Voila, loukuras, denau bar, ferrel, peniche, ritual bar, foz bar, areia branca, etc etc...Sex on the beach, b-52, pasteis de nata, pudims de fla, those crazy ass shots we took at cocktail, breezers, metz, imperiais, san francisco's, bailey's, caipirinhas, KAMAKAZI JUGS AHHHHHH, rrrrrrrrrrrrraspadinhas (as D would say it haha) so much more...Only 16 to drink over there so i felt old haha...Wow if i were to tell you all the shit i did over there and how much fun i had i would be here forever so if you want some good juicy stories all you have to do is ask like everyone else =] anyway im gonnna put a webpage up with all of our pictures and adventures, i have 4 rolls full of em so i'm sure you'll get an idea of how we do over there haha.. Anyway this entry is already far too long..For all of my jersey heads who i was with the whole time over there, you know where i b at so i know you will come visit my ass..to all my portuguese heads who stayed behind i loveee youuuu and i'm already counting down the days until next summer...Stay safe, take care, one luv...and Smile, it's the third best thing you can do with your lips hahahaha

<3 your mom's vagina

Much love to my guys: Luis (the hulk), Luis, Giles, Gil (yeah there were a few people with the same names so i gotta distinguish), Coctail, Bruno, Hugo, John, Shawn, Steven, Bryan, guys who bought us drinks/shots, etc
Much love to my girls: Dyana, Ana, my sister (hah jk lol), Sandra, Keegs, Katie, Jenny, Sofia, Rita, Sandra (i wanted to bring this girl back so bad with me =/)D's 2 cousins from K-town (yeah this town seems to follow me everywhere lol) and anyone else i missed i'm sorry...i heart you all like crazy =]

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wow..this comes as a surprise...haha [16 Jul 2003|08:23pm]
[ mood | silly ]

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Haha..i prolly will, but that chick needs to put her clothes back on [14 Jul 2003|12:16am]

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What's crackin cracka [12 Jul 2003|03:37pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So yah i thought i'd update this isht forealio since i haven't in a while...Summer's been good so far, and trust me it's only getting better...Been partying it up on the weekends in NB, as usual, with my peoples...Always ridiculousness, a lot of things i don't remember doing or saying..."ITS A BATTLE"... haha..too many things to put up in hea. But anyway my ass has been packing and doing some last minute shopping before i pizzeace to the parental figure's motha land on thursday. Most of my friends are already there keepin it rrrreaaaal for us until we get there. I might head up to NB tonight with a couple of my otha friends from RU to party it up one last time..(last weekend was suppose to be the last befpre i left)butcha can't get enough..haha I'm gonna miss you guys, wish i could bring you with me...Spring Break '04 ow ow ow..can't wait!! Well this is about all for now, i wanted to keep this short because if i didnt i would be here for days...I don't think ill update this before i leave just because i have so much more shit to do and ppl to see. Hope ya'll are having a good summer and if you're not idk what to tell you lol...Take care, be safe, PLEASE don't drink and drive, know ur limits (when the room starts spinning with ur eyes open..that means STOP! haha) and keep it locked down while im gone up in Plum my niggah bean #1. We're gonna catch that rapist and kick his ass when i get back..this is for true...Peace Out everyone and ill update this when i get back to fill ya'll LJ ppl in on my adventures..

This cracka's out!
<3 Jiggah Bean, Poopy, NiC, Nikki <3

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High on Life [11 Jul 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | busy ]

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Calm before the Storm =] [19 Jun 2003|04:41pm]
[ mood | determined ]

So yah, these past few weeks have consisted of shitty weather, and getting shitty up in NB...Which reminds me this is going to be yet another eventful next few days, for the ladies of Plum St and the rest of my peoples of course =] ANDDDDDD its a little less than a month before i leave to El Portugal and have a blast with my jerz girlies, "3 words...Bar Hop Ing" haha that was great! The beach, the boys, the bars, the clubs, the pubs, the scenery, the family, the friends...could not ask for more....But its not gonna easy for me going back there, because i know i will have to go visit my grandfather, who passed away last december, at his gravesite...I don't think i've grasped the bitter and most upsetting reality that he is truly gone, and as accustomed i will not see him this year, or ever again...Just thinking about this has given me a sour feeling in my stomach and has brought me to uncontrolable tears. When i heard of his death, i was going through the stress of exams and this news just totally shocked me and put me over the edge...I cried myself dry, it was like my soul and emotions had been stripped of me and all that was left was this body of a girl who was beyond her own comprehension. This will also close a chapter to my life that could never be reopened, but will never be forgotten...All that is left are the great memories, and for the almost 40 years of his life that he lived in America, he gave my sister, my cousins, and i all the love and pampering that could ever be afforded to us. At the same time this brings tears to my eyes, i also have a smile on my face...Because i know deep inside he would not want me to be crying, but going to visit him in his permanent resting place is going to be one of the hardest feats i have ever had to confront in my 18 years of existance...With this in mind i'd like to just leave you all witrh a few thoughts..these have crossed my mind many times, especially in the past few days...Life is about learning, experience, rought times, good times, loving and cherishing those that are closest to your heart...We may not realize how prescious one breathe is until it's our last, so savor every moment of life, and live it to the fullest. Live for the present not the past or the future, tell your friends and family you love them as much as possible because you never know when it may be the last. For all of those who have been there for me, i love you for it, and thank you...Now let's turn this frown upside down =] I'm off to go nap, before tonight and this weekend's storm...Stay safe everyone and take care..Hasta Pasta


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Ju know ju love it [01 Jun 2003|02:19am]
[ mood | Ghetto ]

Nicole5603: i must admit i do love nigerian music
Burningblackstar: yes yes you do you white hoe

Then later on....
Nicole5603: and my nails are allllways done
Nicole5603: wah wah
Nicole5603: and he pays mah bills
Nicole5603: and my hair is always did
Burningblackstar: oh plz honneeyyyy i got a man to pay for each of dat i just use urs for da sex
Burningblackstar: tell dem lj ppl shaniqua dont play
Nicole5603: hahaha and needa does taqueefa

Plum Tomorrow till whenever (Maybe Tuesday?), time to partay fo' real cause we don't play

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yo yo yo [29 May 2003|06:13pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Yeah so the past few days have been ultra relaxing, i don't mind the extra laziness and waking up whenever i want. I think im basically catching up on all of the sleep and relaxation i barely had at Rutgers, but in a way i would rather go back to the way things use to be before i came back. Not that i mind doing nothing, i just got accustomed to a different lifestyle over there. A little more than a month before i head out of the states and go to El Portugal. A few of my friends from jersey who have beach houses there too are going this year as well so it will be good times for the kids. I can't wait to finally go back and thoroughly enjoy another summer on the beach by the bars, pubs, clubs, and hot surfer guys. Anyway i'm looking forward to seeing all of my KZPsi gals and fellow rutgers people this weekend, we will all finally have our places, and we will party all day and night =] Anyway i'm going back to being lazy, perhaps exercize, whatever i feel like doing...Be Safe, and take care <3 Hoover <3

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Relax and take notes while i take tokes of the marijuana smoke [16 Feb 2003|02:55am]

click HERE to see what kinda druggie
you are!
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